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Home Organization Series – The Refrigerator – Day 12

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Day 12 – Declutter and Clean Your Fridge – Video

Today we’re tackling the fridge.

We need to empty and clean it. While not technically part of organizing your home, we always run out of time for projects like this so I am offering you the gift of time – now get to scrubbing!

__ Remove all the food from your refrigerator.

__ Check the dates and throw out any expired items.

__ Remove all the shelves, trays and drawers and wash according to your manufacturer’s instructions and then clean the inside as well.

__ Replace the food and condiments in an orderly fashion. Try grouping like items: salad dressings on one shelf, breakfast items like jam and syrup on another, etc.

__ Repeat the process of removing everything, cleaning and then re-organizing with the freezer.

NOTE: If any items have been in your freezer longer than 6-12 months, now would be a good time to toss them.

This is also a good time to replace or re-order the filter for your in-fridge water system.

__ Now, take off all that stuff stuck to the outside of your fridge. Scrub down the exterior and replace just one or two pictures with magnets. You would be surprised how cluttered all that stuff makes your kitchen appear. Try to go for a minimal look.

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