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Home Organization Series – The Kitchen – Day 13

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Day 13 – Cleaning and Organizing the Kitchen

You guessed it. We are working on the rest of the kitchen today. It can be a big project!

Be vigilant. Be ruthless! You’re going to be happy with the end result; I promise!

Empty out each of your cupboards and wipe them down, inside and out. Before replacing the cooking paraphernalia, make sure it is not cracked, broken, never used or missing pieces. Toss or donate it. Be strong.

Decide on the best storage solution…

Use a large plastic tub (or deep drawer space) for food storage containers and their matching lids.  *Many kitchen stores sell special organizers just for pot lids that may help in your kitchen as well.

Sort through the silverware…

The silverware drawers can be super messy. Remove everything, clean the tray and replace. Toss or donate any kitchen gadgets that you once thought were amazing but really never use.

Free up counter space…

Unless you use an item daily, like the coffee pot, get it off your counter.  An array of small appliances lining your counters is just more clutter.  Find a place to put them.

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Sort through your spices…

They usually only last a year or so without the flavor deteriorating. If you haven’t used it in ages, smell it. If it’s old, it probably doesn’t smell strongly any longer. Just toss it out…or add it to your compost bin.

Organize under the kitchen sink…

You can purchase a container that attaches to the door of the sink cabinet to stuff all the plastic grocery bags in and a basket or plastic tub can hold all the soaps, sponges and scrubbies.

Aaaahhh! Doesn’t that feel better?!

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