how often should I pray - Psalms 55: 17 KJV

How Often Should I Pray?

There’s many verses from God’s Word on prayer, but perhaps you’re wondering, “How often should I pray?” We never seem to question how often we should nourish our body with food.  For me, it’s around three times per day, but there’s times we may miss breakfast or another meal.  We definitely feel the hunger pains […]

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Home Organization – Day 4 – The Family Room

Day 4 – The Family Room Today we are tackling one of the messiest rooms in the house. The Family Room. Take a deep breath and let’s get to it!! Grab four tubs or boxes and label them: “Toss”, “Donate”, “Keep” and “Relocate”. Keep is for items that will stay in this room. Relocate is […]

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Start Over… Back to the Beginning

In the beginning… it all started with God. God created the heavens and the earth. A perfect, beautiful world was created for us. And God saw that everything He made was very good. (Genesis 1:31) It wasn’t long until man yielded to temptation and sinned.  Was it murder that caused Adam and Eve their first […]

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Is Your Mind Easily Changed?

One morning last week, I pondered a bit on the Bible verses of Acts 28:3-6. This particular passage tells us of a time when Paul was bitten by a serpent.  While the people surrounding him there were watching, they thought Paul must indeed be a guilty sinner, a murderer, since this serpent bit him. However, […]

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