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    Diy Lemon Vinegar Cleaning Spray

    You only need 3 minutes to make your own DIY cleaner… This quick, easy 3-minute DIY project can save you tons of money on purchasing commercial cleaning projects. I love to use natural products…it protects us from breathing in a lot of chemicals…and it’s cheaper! Vinegar can help battle mold..and lemon can kill bacteria and other germs. Put them together and we have a great team! 🙂 (Note: Don’t use this solution on granite and marble!) The key to avoiding heavy-duty cleaning work…. I believe the key to avoid scrubbing and dreadful cleaning efforts is to do a frequent maintenance. I keep this solution in my bathroom and any time…

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    Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips Among our numerous household chores, cleaning our bathroom seems to be the dreaded job that falls to the bottom of our list. Why? It’s a yucky job, but someone has to do it. Below are some quick bathroom cleaning tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine. More importantly, your family can help make it even easier for you. Quick rundown… * Take all of the trash out of the bathroom and put it in the garbage can. * Put all of the dirty clothes in the hamper * Use disinfectant to clean the sink, tub and counter. * Use a bathroom cleanser and your…