• Monthly Bible Memory Verses Grace #bibleverse #memoryverses
    Monthly Bible Memory Challenges

    Monthly Bible Memory Verse Challenge – Month 10 – Grace

    I’ve chosen the word “GRACE” for this month.  We need God’s strength daily to continue on our journey.  Let’s memorize these FOUR Bible Verses this month to keep them close to our heart. Reminder:  You can choose to from ANY previous month’s Bible memory challenge to accomplish.  I really don’t have them in any specific order. As far as my progress on Scripture Typer:  I’m now at level 17 with 3,554 points! 🙂  If you’d like join our group online, check out: UH-OH Note:  I found out I was not getting some of my fonts embedded properly for my printables.  So if any of them are looking odd, let me know. It…

  • What God's Grace Really Means #grace #christianity #devotional
    21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

    Day 18 – What God’s Grace Really Means

    Day 18 – What God’s Grace Really Means Good morning! We’re continuing WEEK 3 for the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge!  (JUMP on board at ANY time, we’d love to you have JOIN in) God’s mercy and grace have two separate distinctions.  With God’s “grace” we receive favor that we don’t deserve and with God’s “mercy “we are spared consequences of punishment that we do deserve. We often refer to the simple definition of GRACE (N.T. Greek Word, charis) as “God’s unmerited favor”. In other words, we do not deserve it, nor can we earn it. There are indeed a lot of people these days, who are trying to earn grace…