• How to Create a Printable for Your Blog
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    How to Create a Printable For Your Blog or Ministry

    Today’s video shows you “how to create a printable for your blog” (or ministry). *Note:  I’m going to be rebranding my “blogging help” videos (starting today) on another YouTube channel… I decided that I didn’t want to keep mixing my “blogging help” videos with my other collection of videos on my YouTube channel for herChristianhome.  *The branding colors will be blue & orange for this separate channel. CHECKLIST for Creating a Printable for Your Blog or Ministry: Step 1:  Gather the content you want for your printable. (You can insert pictures, too!) Step 2: Open Powerpoint.  (This option is less fussy for aligning sections for your printable.) Step 3: Click “Design” >> To…