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    Create a Mini Breakfast Corner Nook

    Create your Own Mini Breakfast Corner Nook Busy moms need to think ahead.  Do what it takes to create some swift action during the drowsy morning hours. I decided to make one corner of my kitchen dedicated to quick breakfast gatherings.   Here’s a picture of the cabinet I cleared out for breakfast supplies: The little white bin inside is for stashing some paper plates.  (I’ve decided to forgo paperplates for awhile.)   There’s bread (& toaster below),  little stackable brown cups, kids multivitamins, oatmeal, cereal, bowls for cereal,  bread, peanut butter to swipe on toast, breakfast drink mixes etc. Organize spoons & forks: I use a picnic caddy for storing knives,…

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    6 Tips for Organizing the Garage

    A garage is a little different than most rooms as it is used for many things. Not only are you supposed to park your car in it; you have to have a place for tools, gardening supplies, kids sporting equipment and more. Some garages have the laundry room in there as well, which can create another entire area for organizing. A good thing to remember is to store everything according to frequency and use. If it’s use less frequently, store it towards the back. Things you access often, put towards the front. 1. Purchase a bike rack that hangs from the ceiling. This keeps the bikes in once place and…

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    6 Tips for Organizing the Entryway

    1. Add a nice rug. A rug is a simple way to decorate the entryway and keep dirt to a minimum, allowing family members and visitors a chance to clean off their shoes before entering the house. Having a place to sit down and remove shoes is a great investment for the family. A bench works well or a couple of chairs. 2. Have a place for each person to put their shoes when they take them off. Color-coded bins help younger children to know where their shoes belong. This central location can help for when children are looking for their shoes each morning. It is keep to keep the…