Home Organization Series – The Junk Drawer – Day 6

It’s time to face the dreaded junk drawer. No, wait! Don’t run off screaming out the room… Don’t yank your hair out. You CAN do this! Your junk drawer may be in the kitchen or the laundry room. You may even have two or three. Wherever they are, however many… Continue reading »

How to Get Rid of Your Clutter and Enjoy Some Serenity in Your Home

I’ve been married for 21 years now… and through the years we’ve collected WAY more than we necessarily need. I know it can be a challenge if you have others in your household that insist on collecting “stuff”… LOTS of “stuff”.  🙂 Personally, the change had to start with me…. Continue reading »

Spring Cleaning and Home Organizing

In this guide: -Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day Special > 4 -Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Day > 6 -How to Tackle Spring Cleaning Without Feeling Overwhelmed > 7 -Inexpensive Home Organization Tools > 10 -How to Create an Orderly Kitchen > 12 -Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist > 14… Continue reading »

Setting My Goals for 2014 and Free Printable Monthly Goals Planner

This year… I wanted to set some specific goals for each month so that I can break down my goals into smaller, attainable chunks. I also wanted to post them publicly here for accountability and also as an encouragement to set your own goals. FREEBIE:  At the End of this… Continue reading »

Kitchen & Meal Time Organizing Tips

Kitchen & Meal Time Organizing Tips In many households the kitchen is really the heart of the home. You definitely want to make this room a relaxing family space but also practical to make family meal times and cooking as stress free as possible. Here’s a few kitchen organizing tips… Continue reading »