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    Easy Pumpkin Recipes for the Fall Season

    Benefits of Pumpkin Pumpkin is one of the top ingredients to have in the fall season. Not only is it delicious and seasonal, but it is also low-fat and provides many great health benefits. Consider some of these benefits of enjoying pumpkin throughout the fall season. Pumpkin is a Low-Calorie Food First of all, pumpkin is a very low-fat and low-calorie food that is easy to add to your daily diet regimen. Whether you are trying to eat less carbs or lower calories, pumpkin is a great option. In fact, it is often used as a substitute in cakes and cupcake recipes because it contains excellent nutrition but less fat…

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    How to Cut an Onion Without Crying – No More Tears, Please!

    Seriously, I cry pools of tears when cutting onions.  Sniff, sniff. I LOVE onions — but HATE crying for no good reason. 😉 As a child, I could be in a completely different room and still shed tears when my parents chopped onions. I’ve tried different methods to prevent crying… and this one I have not tried yet, but definitely will. – Light a candle near where you’re peeling and chopping your onion. (Evidently, the flames burn the onion juices from the air.) *Credit Source:  I got this idea from here: http://creeklinehouse.com/2014/02/the-one-tear-free-onion-cutting-trick.html What methods have YOU used to prevent crying while peeling onions?  Do tell! I’ve also heard of these…

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    Use These Two Leftovers to Make a Quick Sunday Evening Meal

    Since I detest cooking on Sundays anymore than I necessarily have to, I try to utilize leftovers to create a new meal. Here’s two simple ways to use leftover chicken and mashed potatoes and leftover taco meat. After a supper of chicken and mashed potatoes, I spread my leftover mashed potatoes into a buttered casserole dish.  Toss on some cheese and take the leftover chicken off the bone to spread on top.  I cover this with foil and stick it on the bottom of my fridge to save for Sunday night.  It’s easy to slide into my toaster oven to bake for a quick Sunday Night meal.  (*Save the bones…

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    Submit Your BEST Time-Saver Kitchen Tip: Free Promotion for YOU!

    Please submit your BEST Time-Saver Kitchen Tip: My new ebook for January is already in the works…but I’m not releasing my title until it’s published. No, you can’t squeeze the information out of me, sorry!  The best part, I’m letting YOU help with my creation… And, I’m also willing to give you credit for your blog, website, Facebook page, etc. if your tip is used. (That part is optional — you don’t have to have a site.) **Please fill out this super quick form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JQi8OQJIJJ-ksigBwMNkMEHoqpNaMrXK3cZC4EbrQrM/viewform And a BIG “Thank YOU” for all who participate. ~ Rhonda White]]>