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    Paleo Beef and Mushroom Chili – No Beans

    There’s some people who truly HATE beans, and then there’s some people who LOVE beans but their stomach just can handle them…and then there’s others who like beans, but wish to avoid the carbs from the beans.  If any of the above is your circumstances, you’re going to love this recipe… You’ll enjoy this chunky beef chili – No BEANS Recipe –  thanks to a flavor-packed and satisfying combination of fresh vegetables and Portobello mushrooms. To top it off, a nice blend of herbs and spices pulls it all together into a delicious and filling meal.  Featured Product: (my referral link) SAVE MONEY – Stop buying plastic wrap! Silicone Stretch Lids…

  • Savory Butternut Squash Noodles #butternutsquashrecipes #veggies
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    Savory Butternut Squash Noodles

    In most cases, pre-packaged “convenience” foods are a big no-no when trying to maintain a healthy diet. But, the good news is that this recipe features one time-saving convenience item that won’t have a negative impact on your health! You can now find pre-packaged butternut squash “noodles” in most larger grocery stores and they are absolutely perfect for those nights when you need to get dinner on the table fast. Of course, if you have a vegetable spiralizer, you can always make your own butternut squash “noodles” in just a few minutes. Either way, you’re going to love this fast, delicious dish! Featured Product: ————————————————————————————- Click HERE to download the…

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    Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes & Feta – Veggie Recipes

    Growing up I had a grandmother who instilled in me a love for green beans.  She would cook a huge pot of green beans with new potatoes and ground beef to serve her guests. I do believe I could practically eat the whole pot if given the chance. Although my family does not currently hold any enthusiasm for green beans (imore like they “detest” the stuff…lol), it’s still a favorite of mine. At least once each summer, I will still cook a huge pot of green beans with ground beef to satisfy my longing, and I’ll eat it everyday for lunch until it’s gone. Today, I’m sharing with you a…

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    Use These Two Leftovers to Make a Quick Sunday Evening Meal

    Since I detest cooking on Sundays anymore than I necessarily have to, I try to utilize leftovers to create a new meal. Here’s two simple ways to use leftover chicken and mashed potatoes and leftover taco meat. After a supper of chicken and mashed potatoes, I spread my leftover mashed potatoes into a buttered casserole dish.  Toss on some cheese and take the leftover chicken off the bone to spread on top.  I cover this with foil and stick it on the bottom of my fridge to save for Sunday night.  It’s easy to slide into my toaster oven to bake for a quick Sunday Night meal.  (*Save the bones…

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    Chili in 30 Minutes and More Soup Recipes to Warm Away the Chills

    As I mentioned on Facebook the other day, I LOVE making soups!  They’re fairly cheap, easy to make and most recipes are actually really healthy.  For this reason, I do soups year-long, but especially during the cold months to warm us up. AND… if you’re ready to lose some of those added holiday pounds from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years… soups can help you rid those extra pounds fairly quick. So today I’m sharing some healthy soup recipes with you… and I love using my red dutch oven to cook and simmer all my soups!  Do you use a dutch oven? Chili in 30 Minutes Ingredients: 2 Tablespoon olive oil…