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How to Cut an Onion Without Crying – No More Tears, Please!

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how-to-cut-an-onion-without-crying-sm Seriously, I cry pools of tears when cutting onions.  Sniff, sniff. I LOVE onions — but HATE crying for no good reason. 😉 As a child, I could be in a completely different room and still shed tears when my parents chopped onions. I’ve tried different methods to prevent crying… and this one I have not tried yet, but definitely will. – Light a candle near where you’re peeling and chopping your onion. (Evidently, the flames burn the onion juices from the air.) *Credit Source:  I got this idea from here:

What methods have YOU used to prevent crying while peeling onions?  Do tell!

I’ve also heard of these methods for cutting onions without the tears:

– Peel your onion and chop near running water. – Make sure to keep your mouth closed while chopping your onion. –  Slice an onion from the root end. – Stick them in a freezer for a short while before slicing. – Bribe a friend to do it for you.  (hee hee!)

Perhapsonion goggles would work best?

This lady shares some really good tips for preventing tears while working with onions…

How to Cut an Onion Without Crying (Video)


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