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    Do Your Trials Get in the Way of Believing God

    Exodus has some incredible FAITH inspiration! Just reading through chapter one, I’m always inspired how God blessed the midwives with houses (Exodus 1:21 kjv) when they feared and obeyed God rather than Pharaoh, when he told the midwives to kill the baby boys being birthed by the Hebrew women. (Exodus 1:17 kjv) In Exodus chapter two, Pharaoh’s devastating cruelty is shown when he commands that all the baby Hebrew boys were to be cast into the river. Just ponder the pain for a moment… The Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with rigor; And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage… (Exodus 1:13, 14 kjv) And NOW……

  • Becoming a Mature Christian Requires Patience
    21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

    Day 15 – Becoming a Mature Christian Requires Patience

    Day 15 – Becoming a Mature Christian Requires Patience Good morning! Today, you and I are officially starting WEEK 3 for the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge!  (JUMP on board at ANY time, we’d love to you have JOIN in) SIDE NOTE: If your goal is to increase your Bible reading time this year, then please add 5 more minutes to your reading time now. The impatient person does not know peace and JOY.  Waiting on my grandparents to prepare for an outing was agony for me as a child because I lacked patience.  I’ve grown in patience over the years, but I still hate waiting in lines and at…

  • But they that wait upon the Lord Isaiah 40:31 KJV #bibleverses #isaiah #eagle
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    Are You Weary? Just Wait on the Lord – Isaiah 40:31

    Pin on Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/138204282292063336/ *Originally posted August 12, 2015 Isn’t WAITING really tough? I hate waiting in the grocery line.  The people in front of me always need a price check.  And if that’s not the case, the cashier is just too slow (probably from staying up too late the night before or skipping breakfast.) *Okay.. I have to admit… I don’t think I’d be a very fast cashier myself. tee hee! I REALLY hate waiting in line at Subway while I watch everyone else make their perfect sandwiches (every sandwich looks like the best sandwich ever and I want to just cut in line and shout, “I’ll have…