• How to Win Over Worry
    21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

    Day 8 – How to Win Over Worry

    Day 8 – How to Win Over Worry Good morning! Today we are starting our SECOND week of the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge! Yippee! (JUMP on board with the challenge at any time!) > I want to encourage you to increase your Bible reading time by 5 more minutes if your goal is to increase your Bible reading time this year. I know some people are prone to worry more than others, but unfortunately, none of us are totally immune to worrying.    Worry is one surefire way to rob your peace and steal away your JOY. Why do we worry so much?  As Christians, we can be a lot…

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    How to Turn Worry Into a Useful Tool

    I didn’t use to be a worrier… After becoming a mom, I now had 3 little somebodies to worry about….and now that they are almost grown up, I still worry about them quite frequently. Recently, some health issues have also festered up some worries in my life. I’m flesh; I battle this great, ugly monster of WORRY. One thing is for sure… If I didn’t worry,  I probably wouldn’t pray as much. Now, I’m not advocating for everybody to take up the hobby of worrying.   Rather, I’m saying, if you have an issue with worrying, put it to good use!  You’ve got to muster up your strength to keep praying…