FREE Productivity Printable Planners

Free Productivity Printable Planners #productivityplanner #freeprintables

Another new year is approaching! Let’s get excited together!  Planning a schedule and setting daily goals keeps you from wasting time. For this reason, I’ve created some FREE productivity printable planners for you. (See below this post!) Every hour counts! I’m not suggesting that you’re so rigid with your schedule that you… Continue reading »

8 Goal Setting Obstacles and How to Maneuver Around Them

The top two biggest goal setting obstacles is fear and lack of belief in yourself.  Fear of failure affects us so much at times that we may avoid any initiative in setting goals. Perhaps if you’re aware of some of the most common goal setting obstacles you can work toward… Continue reading »

Do You Need More Time? 5 Tips for Using your Time More Efficiently

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) Time is precious.  Time is valuable.  You can’t regain time once it’s gone. As women we have many responsibilities to maintain, so we must manage our time well. Here’s five… Continue reading »

Finding the Time to Pray

Finding the Time to Pray As busy moms, we use all kind of excuses for not praying.  The most common excuse is that “I just don’t have the time to pray!”.  Does that sound familiar to you? Prayer plays a vital role in our relationship with the Heavenly Father.  When… Continue reading »

Rambling About My Weekend…and a sneak peek into my normal routine.

Rambling About My Weekend…and a sneak peek into my normal routine. Seems like I’ve been awful busy lately coming and going…and planning what’s going to happen next in my kitchen.  I decided to slow down for a moment today and share with you about what’s going on here at the… Continue reading »