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Home Organization Series – Organize the Master Bathroom – Day 17

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Day 17 – How to Organize the Master Bathroom

We now need to tackle the master bathroom…

We’re going to stick with the routine that works the best. Empty out all the drawers, clear off the shelves and drag stuff out from all the dark places where you’ve hidden them. Pile them all on the counter and in the sink.

Take the time to clean the entire sticky residue from toothpaste, leaky shampoo bottles and whatever else may be adding to the messiness.

Toss anything that is old. Most makeup should only be used for 3-6 months. Unclog hairspray bottles. Toss lotions and perfumes that only have a squirt or two left. No need to hang on to stuff like that. (BUT, one possible option is to compile several lotions and creams together to conveniently use the rest, since I hate being wasteful.)

Use cute, matching baskets or smaller tubs to sort items into groupings.  Put all the shampoos and conditioners in one. First aid gear into another. Bubble bath stuff in a third, and so on. Use a silverware caddy in the drawer to organize some of the smaller items.

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You shouldn’t have anything left on the counter when you’re finished. Every single item, including the blow dryer should have its own new spot. If you place each item back in its home after use (which is what we tell our kids to do), it will stay looking clean and organized.

Now, take a minute or two to wipe the counter and clean the mirror. Freshen up the shower area while you’re at it! Ahhh! Doesn’t that look so much better?

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