How sweet are thy words Psalms 119 103 kjv #bibleverses #womensdevotionals #psalms

How to Sweeten the Sour Moments in Your Life

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How sweet are thy words Psalms 119 103 kjv #bibleverses #womensdevotionals #psalmsHow sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!  Psalms 119:103 KJV

It’s said that “apple cider vinegar” has many good health benefits.  Everyday, I make a special little drink that includes two tablespoons of ACV.  On it’s own, it’s really tough for me swallow vinegar, but with my little recipe it turns into a much easier-to-swallow treat.

Every so often (In fact, it just happened moments ago) I forget to add in my two teaspoons of Stevia to sweeten the taste of the vinegar in my drink.  It’s a shocking surprise when I swallow it.  It’s certainly still good for me… but all I taste in the moment is the overwhelming tartness of the vinegar. It overwhelms the taste of the drink without the sweetness added to balance out the flavor.

God’s Word is the sweetness we need added to our daily life, especially to sweeten the sour moments in our lives. There are many unpleasant events that happen in our lives that only God knows the true reason and purpose at the time.  They are beneficial to our lives because God allowed them to happen, but we need God’s grace — and God’s Word of encouragement to face those tough-to-swallow events.

Remember, if you’re trying make it through daily situations without God’s Word, it’s going to be tart and tough to swallow those sour moments in your life. It can indeed be overwhelming to handle. May I encourage you today to include God’s Word in your DAILY routine… let it be your nourishment in the mornings…and your meditation throughout the day.

God bless you and your family,

Rhonda White

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