• How to Schedule in Daily Peach and Joy
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    How to Schedule in Daily Peace and Joy

    I absolutely love my daily planner! I laughingly claim that it’s my “second brain.“ My planner usually consist of important things I don’t want to FORGET for the day, but it also consists of regular ROUTINES I’m trying to establish, such as cleaning the bathroom and washing my sheets on Mondays. I LOVE ticking off my little to-dos as I accomplish them. It’s my little reward. [sigh of contentment] Almost always, I jot down a few names in my planner, who are in need of extra prayer, as I scroll through Facebook in the morning, while sipping my coffee. [another sigh of contentment] In simple terms, I write down the…

  • It's time to have the courage of Esther the Queen
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    Wake Up! It’s Time to Have the Courage of Esther the Queen

    NOTE: I first wrote this post October 14, 2015. I find it more fitting than ever and a good time to repeat it’s prompting to be read. Do not live in a fairy tale bubble… It’s time to wake up! In fairy tales it seems that the heroes never die…they miraculously conquer whatever misfortune they may face. In such fairy tales… Cinderella escapes her cruel Stepmother and marries the Prince to go live in the Palace. Today there are many heroes of faith who do not live the fairy tale life. Many have sacrificed their lives because they would not reject the name of Christ. These are REAL HEROES who…

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    Making Wise Investments as Christian Women

    Shakespeare once said, “We cannot all be masters.” There is truth in what he said.  We cannot all be named among the best piano players, the best writers or painters, or even the best cooks or gardeners. We can; however, be the BEST as being US. YOU can be the best at being YOU! God made each of us with different personalities and different gifts to use. And here’s something else You and I can do… We Can be the Best INVESTORS! We can be the best investors in our TIME… We can be the best investors in our HUSBANDS… We can be the best investors in our CHILDREN… We…

  • Devotional image: How to Have a Peace of Mind
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    How to Have a Peace of Mind

    As you are well-aware, there is much turmoil and violence in the world. You cannot travel around the world, in search of peace, and find it. Without overwhelming you as a “bearer of more bad news,” I will only give you THREE quick statistics (particularly in the U.S. where I live), demonstrating that our world is highly deficient in peace, as we so desperately need. “In the U.S., youth homicide rates are MORE than 10 TIMES that of other leading industrialized nations.” (*statistics presented by peacealliance.org) “It’s estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States, or 6.7 percent of American adults, have had at least one MAJOR depressive episode…