How to Overcome Negative Thoughts of Failure

How to Overcome Negative thoughts of failure

*Updated 7/31/18 – Originally posted July 6, 2014 Satan tries to keep reminding me of my past failures and past sins. Does he do that horrendous thing to you? Without a doubt, I could probably answer that question with a heart-wrenching “yes” on your behalf. How do I know?  Because… Continue reading »

Day 21 – Continuing On… Yes, We Can!

Continuing on... Yes, we can! #faith #devotional

Day 21- Continuing On… Yes, We Can! Good morning! Today is our LAST day for the 21-Day Bible Reading Challenge.  So, what about the rest of the year?  Will you continue to challenge yourself to read your Bible daily? Remember, it takes COMMITMENT as a TOP priority to continue reading… Continue reading »