Dealing With Grief – A Word of Encouragement from a Mother’s Heart

Today, I wanted to share a word of encouragement from a special friend of mine, Tosha Coberley.  She’s been such a blessing to me over the past few years since I’ve had the privilege of knowing her.  She’s a godly young lady, wonderful wife and mother, but what astounds me… Continue reading »

The Importance of Good Christian Music – Guest Post

The Importance of Good Christian Music

*Guest post by Glenda Thompson, musician, Hope Baptist Church, Joplin Joplin, MO. [Note about our guest author: Glenda has played piano for many churches in and around the country;  she started at a very young age;  her music seems to flow from her fingers and her heart.] Having been raised in a… Continue reading »

With God There Are No Surprises

With God There Are No Surprises #womensdevotionals #kjv

Sometimes I love surprises… That is, “when” they land in my own favor and advantage.  For example, a short while back my hubby brought me home a white rose with baby’s breath.  It was totally unexpected because it wasn’t my birthday or anniversary.  It was certainly a nice, little surprise…. Continue reading »

Letting Go and Forgiving the One Who Did You Wrong

letting go and forgiving #forgiveness #womensdevotionals

Avoid being the captive…the prisoner by letting go and forgiving the one who did you wrong… “Forgiveness does not release the evildoer from his debt; it releases the one who forgives from his captor.” *Resource mentioned in the video:  Christian Womanhood magazine *Recommended Book: Unbroken: A World War II… Continue reading »

My Miracle Baby

My miracle baby - stories of miracles #miraclestories Proverbs 3:5,6

I went to the doctor for my sonogram. I was so excited to see if I was having a boy or a girl. The nurse came in and started the sonogram and then got up and left quickly. I reached over and grabbed my mom’s hand… Then, the door flew… Continue reading »

Oh, the little dangers of leaning the wrong way…

If you could talk to a leaning tree…oh, the woes it could share with you. A leaning tree is weak when the storms come. It’s more at risk of toppling over than trees with a good structure and an evenly balanced weight. A leaning tree also presents a possible danger… Continue reading »

How Much Do You Love the Lord? Is It This Much?

*Updated:  Originally posted May 19, 2013 The question I wanted to present to you today is … How Much Do You Love the Lord? Is it enough that you’ve spoke to Him in prayer today? Is it enough that you craved His Word today by reading your Bible? Is it… Continue reading »

Who Gets the Best Gift at Your House on Christmas?

I’m just as guilty as many others who get caught up in all the festivities of Christmas. My mind starts thinking about… Chocolate candy, cake, pies, eggnog, presents, Christmas Hallmark movies, and my favorite thing… stocking stuffers! 🙂 There’s truthfully no other REAL reason for celebrating Christmas than our SAVIOR…who… Continue reading »

Don’t Miss Out on God’s Blessings!

Delight thyself also in the Lord Psalms 37:4 kjv #Psalms #devotional

Don’t you just LOVE giving things to your children and watching the excitement, enthusiasm and expressions on their faces?  The delight in their eyes melts your heart. What makes you want to give them things you know they’ll like?  It’s because we love them, of course. There are those times;… Continue reading »