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    Creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce

    This creamy cilantro lime sauce will go perfect with the recipe that I will be sharing soon:  Slow Cooker Mexican Shredded Chicken (Look for it next week!) And, to make a complete meal, check out last week’s super-easy cilantro-lime rice recipe and then add a simple side vegetable. Tip: For best results, prepare the cilantro-lime sauce the night before you need it to give the flavors a chance to blend. Planning ahead will also save time on those busy nights you want to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible. Featured Product: Organic Culinary Herb Seeds (12 pack) – Thyme, Chives, Cilantro, Summer Savory, Sage, Dill Bouquet, Garlic…

  • 5 ways to use honey for your skin #honeytips #naturalskincare
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    5 Ways to Use Honey for Your Skin

    Do you love the taste of honey?  Although I don’t consume a lot of honey, I do appreciate the natural sweet flavor it offers.  In my youth, I enjoyed many delicious bites of honey on top of biscuits.  How do you like eating honey? Whether you do or you don’t like the taste of honey, I’m about to share some wonderful ways that you can use honey for your skin. Here’s Five Ways to Use Honey for Your Skin: 1. Cleanse Your Skin With Honey You can use honey to cleanse your skin. This might seem counterproductive, but the properties of raw honey can help to cleanse your skin and…

  • According to your faith so be it unto you Matthew 9:29

    Use What You’ve Got – Let God Do the Rest

    A short while back, I read the following Scripture about a widow who owed money to a creditor and was on the verge of losing her own two sons to slavery due to the debt that she could not pay. Can you take a moment to place yourself in this widow’s shoes…and imagine how she felt?  How about the desperation of losing her two sons — and she had already lost her husband previously?  If you’re a mother, then it’s not hard to imagine the extreme yearning and pain in her heart not to let this hardship come upon her sons. How about the fear? Who would not fear losing…

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    Cilantro-Lime Rice

    Cilantro-Lime Rice Recipe – Print or Download My love for cilantro has grown to a new level this summer. I’ve always appreciated the taste of cilantro in homemade salsa… and now, I’m so addicted to cilantro that I insist on have some on each salad that I make at home.  I guess it’s one of those little herbs that you either love or hate…for me it’s been LOVE. 🙂 Any thing with citrus is also another LOVE of mine… so here’s a super easy recipe to transform boring, basic rice into something extraordinary with the addition of a few fresh ingredients. In this recipe, lime and cilantro are paired to…

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    Home Organization Series

    Home Organization Series – The Refrigerator – Day 12

    Day 12 – Declutter and Clean Your Fridge – Video Today we’re tackling the fridge. We need to empty and clean it. While not technically part of organizing your home, we always run out of time for projects like this so I am offering you the gift of time – now get to scrubbing! __ Remove all the food from your refrigerator. __ Check the dates and throw out any expired items. __ Remove all the shelves, trays and drawers and wash according to your manufacturer’s instructions and then clean the inside as well. __ Replace the food and condiments in an orderly fashion. Try grouping like items: salad dressings…