When you’re weary and exhausted there is hope…

In the first chapter of Luke, an angel of God told Mary that she would have a son and call his name Jesus.  Mary then confronts the angel with the “questionable circumstances” from her own perspective of what seemed impossible… “Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be,… Continue reading »

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Download PLUS $25 Gift Card Giveaway

UPDATE:   The winner is Monique Rizzo!  I will be contacting you today regarding sending your prize.  Please respond to my email within 72 hours. Thank you everyone who participated and especially those who shared the giveaway. 🙂 For quite a long while, I’ve been wanting to do a FREE Giveaway… Continue reading »

Oh, the little dangers of leaning the wrong way…

If you could talk to a leaning tree…oh, the woes it could share with you. A leaning tree is weak when the storms come. It’s more at risk of toppling over than trees with a good structure and an evenly balanced weight. A leaning tree also presents a possible danger… Continue reading »

All About Apples – Storing Them, Fall Recipes and Health Benefits

Five Health Benefits Of Apples After reading this post, I hope you’ll gain a bigger appetite for apples.  Here’s a few reasons why you should eat more apples… Apples are versatile, portable, inexpensive, and unlike a lot of other fruit, they store well. They also have quite a few surprising… Continue reading »

Free November Fall Printable

Autumn is my favorite season…and it’s going by so quickly! Can you believe that November is just around the corner already? I thought I would create a FREE November fall printable for you to use.  (20 pages worth!) *Preview: Download Your FREE November Fall Printable Please help share my content:

How to Stay Afloat During the Insurmountable Trials of Life

Have you ever felt like you were going to drown beneath the insurmountable trials of life? We’ve all heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  It can be quite overwhelming and frustrating to take on several trials all in a short period of time.  You may begin to question… Continue reading »

Easy Pumpkin Recipes for the Fall Season

Benefits of Pumpkin Pumpkin is one of the top ingredients to have in the fall season. Not only is it delicious and seasonal, but it is also low-fat and provides many great health benefits. Consider some of these benefits of enjoying pumpkin throughout the fall season. Pumpkin is a Low-Calorie… Continue reading »

What Sins Are You Talking About?

As you’ve probably experienced, Satan likes to remind us of our sins and our failures. He wants us to feel discouraged and defeated.  There are sins that I’ve asked forgiveness for at least 100 times or more.  And the song below is what God is saying to me when I… Continue reading »

It’s a Scary Road… Show Me and Teach Me

Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. – Psalms 25:4 When I was young (just fresh out of college), I was getting ready to go on a simple little road trip to stay with a friend of our family for a few days so that I could… Continue reading »

Toss it Tuesday – Declutter and Simplify Your Life Challenge

Don’t you hate cleaning around clutter?  It sure makes house cleaning a task that is pure drudgery.  I’ve been decluttering for quite a few months and it sure has streamlined my daily cleaning to a minimum.  It’s so much faster to dust and wipe things down….and less to put away…. Continue reading »