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Debt-Proof Living – Book Blessings Book Review

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It’s time for another “Book Blessings” video… whether you’re needing to pay off debt — or just wanting to build up a savings account and an emergency account, this book can be very helpful for you and your family’s financial management.

Today, I’m sharing my book review for Debt-Proof Living: How to Get Out of Debt and Stay That Way (my referral link). This is one of THE BEST financial management books that I’ve ever read. I HIGHLY recommend it!  I read it to my youngest son for his junior year in high school as we discussed finances and money together.

Mary Hunt has an excellent perspective on how to manage money — saving, spending and investing it. This practical guide is worthy of it’s investment, from my own opinion.

Debt-Proof Living: How to Get Out of Debt & Stay That Way (my referral link)

11 Ways to Get Out of the Debt Trap (pp. 53-56) (Main points only)

  1. Get Serious (Commit; know your why)
  2. Become a giver (I give my 10% tithe — this Biblical plan ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS works)
  3. Start saving
  4. Start tracking
  5. Know what you owe
  6. Design a plan (Mary Hunt helps you with designing this plan in her book)
  7. Know what you own
  8. Have a sale
  9. Incur no new debt
  10. Look for a solution
  11. Persevere

Weekly Bible Verse:

“Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”  – I Corinthians 4:2 KJV



  • Briana

    I think I could really use the advice. I fluxuate. Sometimes I’m a great saver and other times I’m a huge spender. I think this pitfall is especially applicable to women. I know some men have issues with spending, but when you see a woman spend thousands of dollars and spiral into debt, a lot of times the world calls it a shopping addiction. Not to say it isn’t, but really the heart of the matter is something spiritual. I think people are more susceptible to sins like this simply because we have to use money. Very interesting topic. 🙂

  • herChristianHome

    Oh, I understand. The same here….we’ve had our ups and downs with saving money over the years.

    I know the world is labeling so many things an “addiction” these days…but the fact is, we all have our weakness and faults to deal with, and it’s almost impossible to correct our sins and faults unless we admit we have a problem — and take it very serious in dealing with it.

    As far as shopping, it can be a “lust of the eyes” issue of wanting what we see now. I’m guilty of this as well….and so I do much better when I avoid shopping just for pleasure. I try to have an aim and purpose of what I need to buy before heading into the store. Commercialism also plays a big part of encouraging people to spend money that they shouldn’t… Marketers know very well know how to entice people to “want” their products. Lol

  • Tara H

    I’d love to read this! God always provides our needs, and I know that that’s a direct result of faithful tithing (not bragging on us, bragging on God!). However too often we aren’t good stewards of what’s left after we give.

    • herChristianHome

      Good thoughts, Tara! We’re bragging on GOD! Love that! I think so many of us struggle with using our money wisely as we should…for us, it’s still a constant temptation, but at least we are working on evaluating our purchases a LOT more before spending, which is also helping us build our emergency / savings account much better.

  • Crystal Minton

    I beleive this book would really help me. Our finances are not quite where they need to be at this time and I do believe some good advice would help. We have not gone hungry or without but sometimes we do not spend our money wisley as we should. I would love to read this book and then pass it along to one of my children before they even start building there on homes.

  • herChristianHome

    Crystal, I know what you mean… we don’t make the wisest choices 100% of the time either, but God is merciful and good and always supplies our needs.

    Yes, I read this book with my youngest son, and he does extremely well with saving his money and spending it wisely, so I do think it’s a great one to pass on to our children.

  • herChristianHome

    Okay, ladies, I’ve placed each of your names on a strip of paper. Your names are all in a cup. Later this morning after devotional time with my sons, I will have one of them to draw a name. I will send my copy of this book to whoever’s name is drawn.

    I felt that this was a fair way to have a drawing, rather than select a random number. God bless each one of you in your finance endeavors. I will announce here later who won the drawing! 🙂

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