How to Grow the Best Tomatoes Ever! Top Tips – Video

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I’ve planted several tomato plants this year and so far they’re off to a good start.

Here’s a video on growing tomatoes that I found this morning which shares excellent tips for producing the best tomatoes ever!

***(Update Note:  I’ve had to replace the original video since it was taken down from YouTube — So I’m replacing it with a different one.)

*Tips from the previous video: Remember, tomatoes are heavy feeders and heavy drinkers

(Disclaimer: My Amazon referral links have been used in this post.)

*FYI: Product mentioned in the video above: Pure Protein Dry Organic Fertilizer, 1 Pound

100 pounds of compost to spread over garden area.

Fertilizer Recipe:

_ one pound kelp meal
_ one pound cottonseed meal
_ one pound fish meal
_ two pounds bone meal

Initial planting:

Each plant add a cup of calcium – Agricultural Gypsum – right into the soil and plant on top of it.

Add tomato cages

Tips to remember:

– Water one day a week very deeply and don’t deviate as much as possible from that schedule.
– As you water do your best not to splash any of that water onto the leaves (tomatoes are prone toward fungal disorders).
– Rid area of tomato hornworms. (Make sure to watch video for tips on this).


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