Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary – Learning about herbs

*Disclaimer: My Amazon referral links have been used in this post. Rosemary has many health benefits for you — from healing skin conditions to improving your mental clarity. Not only does it provide vitamin C to help with collagen in your body, but also provides potassium that helps regulate blood… Continue reading »

Weekend Project Ideas: Grow Beautiful Indoor Plants In Glass Containers

Do you love plants, but hate the weekly maintenance of watering your plants?   Here’s a perfect solution… Water + Glass Containers + Plants that Grow Easily in Water *Ideas:  Use mason jars, leftover pickle jars, big jars from the flea market or thrift stores.  For big jars, avoid the extra… Continue reading »

How to Plant a Container Garden – Video

If you’d love to plant your own garden, but lack the space to do so (or just hate messing with extra bugs and weeds)…. here’s 10 suggestions for container gardening: * Tomatoes – This is probably the most popular choice for growing in containers. Tomatoes are easy to grow; they… Continue reading »

How to Grow the Best Tomatoes Ever! Top Tips – Video

I’ve planted several tomato plants this year and so far they’re off to a good start. Here’s a video on growing tomatoes that I found this morning which shares excellent tips for producing the best tomatoes ever! ***(Update Note:  I’ve had to replace the original video since it was taken… Continue reading »