What time I am afraid I will trust in thee. Psalms 56:3 KJV #bibleverses #overcomefear

I Was Afraid… And What Happened Next Was Unforgettable

When my husband was in Bible college, we had two sweet little boys. (I have three sons now — one in Bible college.)  My oldest at the time was a wobbly, little toddler, who was just learning to walk. My other sweet one was just a few months old who totally relied on mommy to […]

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I Shall Not Be, I Shall Not Be Moved — Are You Planted Deeply?

Psalms 1:3 speaks of one who is like a tree planted by the water.  ALL needs are met…the nourishment of sun and continual supply of water… the roots are planted firmly and deeply. Think today about your own spiritual life… Are you planted deeply with a good foundation? Without healthy, deep roots a tree would […]

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3 Simple Ways We Can Offer Praises to God

Admit it!  Don’t you really like being given a word of praise after you accomplish something that you really put some effort into? It seems that it’s in our nature to like being praised.  As God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27), I can imagine how pleasing it is for God to hear our […]

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