Let’s Leap, Let’s Leap!

by my God have I leaped over a wall. - Psalm 18:29 kjv

Did you know that LEAPING is a biblical activity? It’s amazing the challenges that you and I are able to LEAP over by the grace and help of God.  He gives us the power and strength to do what we cannot do on our own. With God’s help, you can… Continue reading »

I Shall Not Be Moved — Are You Planted Deeply in Your Christian Faith?

I shall not be moved #devotional

The first chapter of Psalms tells us of one who is strong, well-rooted, grounded, productive, prosperous… not easily moved in their Christian faith. “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither;… Continue reading »

I Stand Amazed at God’s Goodness

I stand amazed at God's goodness #devotional #devotionalforwomen

Guest Post by Mary Sparks, Pastor’s Wife, Joplin, Missouri Count your blessings, name them one by one….. Have you had one today? two? three? more? Stop and just think about those “little things” that happen each day that we take for granted. Did the red light stop you and found… Continue reading »

A Lesson From David on How to Present Ourselves Before God

Low to present ourselves to God - a lesson from David #psalm #devotional

Psalm 40 has been a real blessing to me this week.  As I discussed this chapter with my sons, I explained how David set a good example for us on how to present ourselves in prayer to the Lord. To keep my devotional short, I will not be discussing every… Continue reading »

What to Do When Others Let You Down

Are you disappointed in someone who let you down?  Perhaps you’re angry or frustrated with someone who did you wrong. The reason why we get disappointed is because we had “better” expectations from someone who would possibly fail us. We put our confidence in someone who has flaws.  Of course,… Continue reading »

What Sins Are You Talking About?

As you’ve probably experienced, Satan likes to remind us of our sins and our failures. He wants us to feel discouraged and defeated.  There are sins that I’ve asked forgiveness for at least 100 times or more.  And the song below is what God is saying to me when I… Continue reading »

The REAL Game Changer…

[Game Changer]  noun –  2.  a person or thing that dramatically changes the course, strategy, character, etc., of something:   *Source: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/game-changer Today, I want to tell you about the REAL Game Changer.  There is no other on the face of this earth that can dramatically change our outcome and desperate situations… Continue reading »

50 Reasons Why God is So Wonderful

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your problems?  I know I do at times.  Sadly, I have to admit that there are even occasions when I allow Satan to feed me his contaminating lies, and I start to feel hopeless of muddling through life.   Gloom and doom are Satan’s dirty… Continue reading »

I Was Afraid… And What Happened Next Was Unforgettable

What time I am afraid I will trust in thee. Psalms 56:3 KJV #bibleverses #overcomefear

When my husband was in Bible college, we had two sweet little boys. (I have three sons now — one in Bible college.)  My oldest at the time was a wobbly, little toddler, who was just learning to walk. My other sweet one was just a few months old who… Continue reading »

3 Simple Ways We Can Offer Praises to God

Admit it!  Don’t you really like being given a word of praise after you accomplish something that you really put some effort into? It seems that it’s in our nature to like being praised.  As God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27), I can imagine how pleasing it is… Continue reading »