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All About Apples – Storing Them, Fall Recipes and Health Benefits

Five Health Benefits Of Apples After reading this post, I hope you’ll gain a bigger appetite for apples.  Here’s a few reasons why you should eat more apples… Apples are versatile, portable, inexpensive, and unlike a lot of other fruit, they store well. They also have quite a few surprising health benefits.


Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary – Learning about herbs

Rosemary has many health benefits for you — from healing skin conditions to improving your mental clarity. Not only does it provide vitamin C to help with collagen in your body, but also provides potassium that helps regulate blood pressure and your heart rate. People use Rosemary for numerous ways to help


FREE Health Report: The Big FAT Truth – What You Need to Know About Eating Fat

Well, I surely intended to have this report finished by last week, but as I was rebranding hCh with a new design and logo, I also redesigned my header for my reports as well, which took some extra time and lots of fun work! :). So here’s my FREEBIE for you… Your


7 Easy Tips for Faster Weight Loss

7 Easy Tips for Faster Weight Loss When we decide to lose weight —  we want to lose it FAST! Fast weight loss isn’t always best for our health, simply because some of the methods used for fast weight loss are unhealthy or difficult to keep doing for a long enough period


Is it time to cut out the calorie counting?

Is it time to cut out the calorie counting? There seems to be many false ideas today regarding the practice of counting calories.  Everyone seems to think that consuming less is how to lose fat. In fact, many solely judge the health value of food based on how many calories it contains.