• Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes & Feta #veggierecipes #greenbeanrecipes #cleaneatingrecipes
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    Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes & Feta – Veggie Recipes

    Growing up I had a grandmother who instilled in me a love for green beans.  She would cook a huge pot of green beans with new potatoes and ground beef to serve her guests. I do believe I could practically eat the whole pot if given the chance. Although my family does not currently hold any enthusiasm for green beans (imore like they “detest” the stuff…lol), it’s still a favorite of mine. At least once each summer, I will still cook a huge pot of green beans with ground beef to satisfy my longing, and I’ll eat it everyday for lunch until it’s gone. Today, I’m sharing with you a…

  • Super Easy 3 Minute Project - DIY Face Powder #diybeauty #diymakeup
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    Super Easy 3 Minute Diy Face powder

    I LOVE saving money! AND — I LOVE using healthier products. By creating my own DIY face powder, it’s a two-way winner and truthfully only takes me about three minutes to mix a new batch and have it ready to go! I’ve been using this everyday for about three months now, and I LOVE the smell of the chocolate and cinnamon when putting it on my face. For the first time, it make take you a little longer mixing your first batch because you’ll need to invest extra time in creating the “perfect matching” recipe.  It’s worth it, trust me! WRITE it all down once you got the exact formula…

  • Chicken Fajita Wraps with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce Recipe #chickenrecipes #cleaneatingrecipes

    Chicken Fajita Wraps with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce – Recipe

    Chicken Fajita Wraps with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce Recipe > To download a pretty PDF of this recipe CLICK HERE Here’s a creative way to use pre-cooked (or leftover) rotisserie chicken for a quick and flavorful weeknight meal. For best results, prepare the cilantro-lime sauce the night before so the flavors have a chance to thoroughly blend. You can also prepare the fajita seasoning in larger batches and store in an airtight container for later use. Plan ahead to save you even more time on those busy nights you want to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible. Please help share my content:

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    Are You Making this Huge Mistake? (Devotional)

    The Sadducees presented Jesus with a perplexing question… If a man had no children and then died, leaving his brother to take her to wife — the second and third brother also took her to wife and died – with ALL seven brothers having been married to this woman, which one would she be married to in the resurrection? (Matthew 22:23-29) Jesus didn’t respond with a generous explanation to appease their curiosity, He called them out! He responded directly to them that they were in error. There were two basic reasons why they asked such a ridiculous question: They didn’t know the Scriptures. They didn’t know the power of God.…

  • Home Organization Series

    Home Organization Series – Create a Home Management Binder – Day 10

    You worked so hard getting your office running smoothly that I thought this would be a great time for an easier, slightly more fun project. We are going to create a “Family Binder”. You will need a 3-ring binder and some plastic document sleeves. This binder will make you feel like the Queen of the Organized, I promise. Basically, it just collects everything you need to know about each member of your family in one spot. For each child include their pediatrician’s, dentist’s and any specialist’s names, addresses and phone numbers, any known allergies, regular medications, health insurance information (policy number, phone numbers, required hospital) and a copy of their…