How to Do Everything the Right Way

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Ah… it’s morning. A fresh, new day.

Time to arrange the bed sheets in an nice, orderly fashion. Some mornings the results impress me, other days not so much.

The bathroom is my favorite place to head first thing in the morning. There’s something undesirable splattered around the base of the toilet. Let me grab the cleaning spray and wipe up that mess.

Next, I head toward the kitchen sink… even though I pay diligence to washing my dishes, there’s always items that someone places in there after the dishwater has been tossed.  I fill the sink with fresh dishwater and let the dishes soak a bit as I make my morning lemon water to drink.

I test myself to see if I can remember which day it is…and upon verification, I know what needs to be done for the day because over the years I’ve created a systematic routine of maintaining my household chores.

There is usually no fancy, sophisticated work to accomplish. Life can feel a little mundane and monotonous at times.

But did you know that all things should be done with charity?  Which basically means I need to do even my tedious tasks in love.

As I fold the laundry I have a choice in how I perform my task…

With a sour expression on my face, I can gripe and complain about the amount of laundry to fold. Or, I can do it in an attitude of gratitude. I can be thankful that I have arms that can fold these clothes…and thankful for the loved ones who wear them.

I can fold the laundry more cheerfully because I love the Lord and I’m grateful that He’s provided the means to do the laundry.  He’s provided the machine, the electricity to run the machine, the water, the soap, the clothing.  An attitude of gratitude also makes it easier to do these tasks with love.

Whatever you have to do today, do it first because you love the Lord and want to honor and please Him.  Let your heart be grateful for all that He’s given you, then performing your daily tasks in love will become much easier… even wiping up those undesirable messes. 😉

May you have a joyful day today and accomplish much in love! 🙂

Let all your things be done with charity. I Corinthians 16:14

God bless you and your family,

Rhonda White

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