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How to Freshen Musty Towels

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At our house (not naming any guilty boys here..tsk tsk.) 🙂 there are times when damp towels get tossed into our laundry basket.  I have a hamper in the hallway just for collecting towels…and the whole basket ends up smelling musty when this happens. Anyway, I keep a good supply of vinegar on hand.  In fact, vinegar is quite handy for so many things! To freshen up your musty towels, just wash them in hot water with one or two cups of vinegar (how much vinegar you will need depends on the size of the load, of course).  Then, do a regular wash as normal.  This really does the trick and seems to freshen up my smelly towels. Do you have any tips to share on washing your towels or linens?  Please share your tips on Facebook or Instagram.

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