Simple Fall Decorating on a Budget
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Simple Fall Decorating on a Budget

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Simple Fall Decorating on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a fortune (or a lot of time if you’re not fond of decorating) for fall decor. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget, or simply trying to save pennies, with a tidbit of creativity and a few minutes, you’ll have your place feeling like a cozy fall haven.

Here’s a few inexpensive, simple fall decor ideas to cozy up your home for fall:

>> Pinecone Wreath

Greet your guests at the door with a pinecone wreath to present a warm, stylish welcome. Rather than paying the standard price of $50 to $100 for a pinecone wreath, make one yourself for under $10!  (*Check your local Dollar Tree store for pine cones if you don’t want to hunt your own… or challenge your children with a contest to see how many they can find.)

  • Gather two small shopping bags of pinecones for a large wreath. Next, buy a Styrofoam wreath for approximately $1, a small glue gun, some glue sticks (check your dollar store!) and a piece of ribbon for $1.
  • Use a glue gun to adhere the flatter side of the pinecones to the wreath. The pinecones should be pointing upwards, rather than laying flat. Continue gluing pinecones until the Styrofoam of the wreath is no longer visible. Then, loosely wrap a long ribbon around the top of the wreath and tie.
  • You can display your pinecone wreath by hanging the ribbon on your doorknocker or simply using a wreath hanger that can be purchased at most big box stores for $5.

DIY Tutorial Resources I found online:

How to Create a Perfect Pinecone Wreath with Easy Tips

How to create the perfect pinecone wreath

How to make a beautiful PINE CONE WREATH – without gluing or wiring!

Beautiful pinecone wreath - how to

>> Fall Leaves Showcase

With the help of nature and some everyday items you already have around the house, you can make photo frames that display your beautiful pressed leaves. This fall staple offers a nice touch for autumn decor and packs a big punch for a small buck!

  • Place a piece of wax paper in the middle of a heavy book, such as an encyclopedia, and lay several leaves on the wax paper without overlapping leaves. Place another sheet of wax paper over the leaves, and then close the book. Let stand for approximately 12 hours.
  • Use a piece of scrapbook paper with colors that are reminiscent of fall and fit it to your photo frame. Place a dot of hot glue on the center of the paper and press your leaf onto the glue. Then, carefully slide your pressed leaf and scrapbook paper combo into your photo frame and display!

DIY Tutorial Resources I found online:

Easy DIY Pressed Leaves Artwork

Fall Leaf Initial

Real Leaf Project – Leaf Art

How to Make Waxed Fall Leaves

>> Simple Switch Ideas

Change your smallest accessories to update your decor on a budget. Swap out your regular throw blankets, pillows, curtains, and vases in favor of ones that are laden with fall friendly hues. 

  • Orange, red, brown, bronze, and even green are generally colors associated with fall.
  • There’s no need to completely replace your existing decor; just adapt what you already have! Attach a fun orange or brown pompom trimming to your curtains with Velcro. Or, simply attach a garland with fall-colored leaves at the top of your curtains, like I did. (*These are the ones that I purchased from Dollar Tree.)  Also, instead of ditching your existing throw pillow, simply sew on an autumn-friendly cover for the fall… or sew on a big felt leaf on the front of the pillow.

When on a tight budget, your most important ally will be your imagination. If you need some inspiration, consider searching Pinterest for Fall Decor IdeasAlso take inspiration from Instagram, magazines, decorating  shows — or even snap photos of pieces you see in department stores and try to recreate them at home.

Hope you have an amazing fall! 🙂

P.S. >> I made you a FREE Bible Verse Fall Printable (8×10) [PDF]

Free Bible Verse Fall Printable



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