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Using Picture Frames as Art

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I’ve had this old wooden picture frame sitting around…for years.  Couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it because it’s just too cute, too unique to be donated or sold for pennies.

So, for a sort of “rustic decoration” attempt in our basement area that mainly has a computer, a couple of couches and a recliner for relaxing in what I call “the man cave” for the four men in my life (that’s my hubby and 3 sons)… I created this 3-D picture.

Yup! I Framed my Duck!

This is sitting on top of a computer desk…and I “think” it looks more cute in person that it does in this picture.  But, of course, I may be be fooling myself…. I’ve seen older photos of myself…and wonder “what was I thinking when I wore that?” So I do have to question my own judgment at times.

*Disclaimer: My Amazon referral links have been used in this post.

==>> Snatch some “Rustic Wooden Frames”and “Wooden Figurines”and come up with your own fun creations!

Who else uses picture frame as art? I found these resources online…

Okay….Your turn!!  Share a link to a picture of your photo frame art work or simply share in the comments section below your own creative ways that you use picture frames…


  • Susan52

    What a great idea! I don’t have any suggestions for using picture frames and need all the help in that area that I can get! Here’s something I did, though, that involves framed pictures. We mounted a pretty drapery rod on the wall leading into our kitchen (our floor plan is open so we can see that wall from the living room and the kitchen) and hung up one of my mom’s quilts. It’s beautiful, a true living piece of artwork providing a great touch of color to our home. There was a good-sized space next to the quilt so I had my mom send snapshots of some of her other quilts and I framed eight of those in a collage frame (like eight small frames all connected) and hung that on the wall next to the quilt to fill that space. It looks nice and adds to the quilt theme for that section of wall. Someone with more talent than I have (which is almost everyone!) might use those pictures to make a “quilt mosaic” collage and hang it in a really pretty single frame. I need to explore your links and maybe I’ll find a fool-proof way to do that, as well as a pretty frame like yours to use!

  • Rhonda

    Susan, that sounds pretty creative to me. I think we’re the hardest on ourselves at times when we compare what some other people have done, but when we use our own ideas…there’s just something that makes it more special…more “your own style”. Truthfully, I do end up borrowing most ideas…but a few ideas just “happen” when I’m messing around trying to put things together. Sort of makes the whole process fun. 🙂

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