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What's in the Back of Your Fridge?

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What’s in the Back of Your Fridge? If you’re clueless about what’s lurking in the back of your refrigerator, it’s time to clean it out!  I realize that most people dread cleaning out the refrigerator.  (I think they’re even a little frightened by what they might find in there.) One of the best reasons to keep your refrigerator cleaned is to help you stay organized…  better yet, it saves you money by allowing you to adequately use up your leftovers and keep you from buying an extra bottle of ketchup when you realized that you already had two in the fridge. The best day to clean out the refrigerator is when you’re planning to do your major grocery shopping.  (Thursday is my usual grocery shopping day.  So on Thursday morning, I’ll clean out the fridge a bit…tossing out anything that may have gotten moldy, etc. I quickly wipe a few shelves that have food drops or crumbs, and tidy up a bit.) For thrifty-minded moms, this helps you double check on what extra items need to be added to your list.  You may also plan on using some items in your freezer area for that coming week.  It truly is a great time to do some cleanup because it’s so easy to forget what you have on hand. Over the years, I have find that weekly maintenance plan also works wonders and eliminates most of the dreadful tasks of scrubbing 100 day old spills, etc.  If you haven’t cleaned your refrigerator for quite awhile, plan to do a thorough job as soon as possible.  Once you’ve done a thorough cleaning, you should make plans for a weekly upkeep. How to do a weekly maintenance of your fridge: Divide your refrigerator into four equal parts.  The freezer area should be considered as one part; the refrigerator area should be divided into the other three parts.  Each week do a through cleanup (washing the shelves) in one of the areas.  Then, simply tidy up the other three areas very quickly.   Every four weeks your refrigerator will have one whole thorough cleaning.  You’ll also find that by continual maintenance, you won’t have much scrubbing to do at all, especially if you learn to wipe spills while they’re still fresh. As always, please feel free to share your tips with all our women readers! Here’s a short video on how to clean a refrigerator: ]]>


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    My husband insists on keeping every last bite of uneaten food-it is so annoying, nobody ever eats it and I get stuck with just more dishes to do, when I finally throw out the rotten mess and have a sink full of plastic containers! Thanks for the tips!

    • Rhonda



      You’re welcome. I can see that would be a dilemma with extra food in there.

      I remember as a child, my mom kept a large plastic container in the freezer. She would toss in leftover green beans, potatoes, corn, etc. When it got full, she would throw it in a crockpot and then add in some meat and tomato seasoning to make a stew. It would always taste so delicious!

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        Wow, never thought of that-thanks I will do that, my husband will be so proud that we aren’t wasting food and it will relieve my burden of extra dishes! Thanks-and BTW I never even noticed the misspelled word, I have to scan these things so fast with my son to care for, though I welcome even the quickest of “breaks” so I don’t read anything online too thoroughly!

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