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What's the Best Way to Dust Your Ceiling Fan?

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whats-best-way-dust-ceiling-fan I’ve tried vacuuming my fan blades and I’m somewhat successful, except that I still end up with dust bunnies in my hair. From Reader’s Digest, I found several tips on dusting.  My favorite tip was: “Have you ever seen dust bunnies careening off your ceiling fan when you turn it on for the first time in weeks? Grab an old pillowcase and place it over one of the ceiling fan blades. Slowly pull off the pillowcase. The blades get dusted and the dust bunnies stay in the pillowcase, instead of parachuting to the floor.” *Resource: 15+ Dusting Tricks for Your Home | Reader’s Digest [My thoughts:  I think I’ll certainly give it a try because I LOVE the idea of capturing those dust bunnies inside the pillowcase where I won’t be breathing them in or having them float off into surrounding areas that create more even more work. SHARE your favorite dusting tips HERE: Fanbladecleaner Ceiling Fan Duster 100% Microfiber

Video:  The FanBladeCleaner: The World’s BEST Solution to Cleaning your Ceiling Fan Blades


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