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Battle the Tummy Bulge with Blueberries

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Battle the Tummy Bulge with Blueberries If you’ve got a sweet tooth, consider that some studies are showing that sugar is making more people fat, than fat is!  So choose wisely on your sweet indulgences. A can of cola can have around 155-170 calories.  As for brownies, chocolate fudge and pie…well, we won’t even go there!  You know they can pack some hefty calories.  I love these sweet treats, but they shouldn’t be on my menu every day.  They would be more suitable for special occasions or perhaps on one special day of the week where you allow yourself an extra treat. When you’re cutting back on sugar, try to replace that “sweet craving” with something more natural and nutritious. Considering the fact that one cup of blueberries have only about 82 calories make them a perfect treat for a snack. Here’s some other health benefits of blueberries: – Blueberries also contain less water making them more nutrient-dense when comparing equal volumes. – Blueberries are rich in phytochemicals (phenolic acid, anthocyanins and ellagic acid, a natural compound that may inhibit tumor growth)  *Fresh and frozen are recommended.  Dried forms contain very little anthocyanins. – Blueberries have the possibility to improve balance, coordination and memory. – Blueberries have the possibility to inhibit cancer, prevent bacteria that’s responsible for urinary tract infections and also help protect against cardiovascular disease. *Researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island in Atlantic Canada found that rats which were fed diets containing wild blueberries for six weeks experienced a decrease in stroke-induced brain damage. Weekly Motivational Pep Talk: Are you getting enough sleep?   Women seem to struggle in this area.  Schedule your bed time to allow sufficient rest. For the average person, that means around eight hours.  I realize most of us have literally hundreds of things to get done, but our health is a little more important than having the house in perfect order. Not only are we more alert mentally when we get sufficient rest,  but we also have more energy.  You’re going to be more active which means burning more calories.  You’re going to have more positive thoughts with increased mental alertness (and less melt downs), which means you won’t drown your sorrows with chocolate fudge all day. Try purposing yourself to get more rest.  I realize there are always going to be those rough nights when your hubby or kids keep you awake, but by making rest a higher priority, you should hopefully keep a fairly well-balanced, rested body. (Go ahead and comment below to update us on your goals and accomplishments!  I would love to hear from you!) Healthy Recipe of the Week: Almost every single morning I start my day with blueberries…and I’m pretty alert and ready to roll by the time I get to school.  This breakfast cuts out additives and added sugars and a lot of junk that I simply don’t need.  I usually manage pretty well with this breakfast and two hours later I have a snack that tides me over until lunchtime. Blueberry Breakfast 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1/4 cup chopped walnuts Sprinkle generously with ground flaxseed Let it set for about 15 min. while the blueberries thaw a little.  Then, pour a little milk on top just like cereal.  I’ve been using rice milk to avoid more dairy products. Information: Some information and studies have been gathered from the book, 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life Disclaimer: I would like to clarify the fact that I’m not a certified dietician.  I rely on health-focused research and learned experiences.  Any major diet changes should be consulted with your own doctor.   Some people are diabetic and others have food allergies.  This is something to always consider when making any changes in your own diet.]]>

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