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Day 24 – Who to Call When You're In Big Trouble

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“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

~ Psalms 46:1

Right now, I’m waiting…A very present help in time of trouble My hubby left for work this morning at 4 a.m. (he has a bit of distance to drive) and it’s now 7:19 a.m. as I type. It snowed during the night and apparently the weather is a bit rough the direction my hubby headed.  Sad to say, he didn’t make it to work… He ran off the road into a ditch (the wind literally pushed him aside) and my father-in-law has gone looking for him. No phone connection where my hubby’s at…unless he stands out in middle of the road…in the freezing cold. So, I have no updates at this moment. Just waiting. I have much to be thankful for.  First, he isn’t  hurt, but he is freezing.  (I have our bedroom heating up and hot chocolate ready to warm him when he comes home.)  Secondly, he didn’t forget his phone today.  On a side note: I can’t get in touch with his work, and they haven’t called looking for him.  So, he’d be out there freezing and helpless if he’d forgotten his phone today.  Praise God! As I await news….and for his arrival, I’m so glad that I have a Living God above to call on when there’s trouble.  He’s a very “present help in trouble“.  Not only that, we can call upon Him when we’re stressed and ask for an extra measure of grace.  What parent wouldn’t grant their own child such a humble request?  Our Heavenly Father is so much better to us than what our human nature can do for our own children!

Day 24

Update:  He’s home, safe and sound.  I served him hot chocolate and fresh sunny-side up eggs….now he’s taking a nap in the room I warmed for him.  He said he usually gets no phone connection where he was at, so it’s amazing and a blessing from God that he was able to call us! Sorry this is so short today, but there was a lot going on around here this morning.  In just a little bit, I’m looking forward to meeting at the Lord’s House today….and getting fed spiritually. Keep praying!  Pray when you need an extra measure of grace.  Pray when you’re afraid.  Pray when you need some help.  Pray when you’re in trouble! God bless your day ahead, Rhonda White        ]]>

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