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How to Break the Paper Towel Habit

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How to Break the Paper Towel Habit On “Thrifty Thursday” I thought I would address the subject of paper towel waste.  I decided that this was another area where I could save a few more pennies.  Paper towels wipe up small messes and are just tossed into the trash…hence you can just imagine hearing the little “cha-ching” going on at the paper towel manufacturers. A few weeks ago, I decided to invest in a couple bundles of white wash cloths that were on sale.  I also bought a tall, white, round plastic trash container (the kind with the swinging lid on top) to toss in my cloths and other towels when they were dirty.  To be honest, I still keep paper towels on hand to grease a pan or to use when I want to serve some cookies but don’t want to mess with little dishes.  But overall, I feel better about being less wasteful. I have found that keeping these white cloths nearby are really handy and just as easy to use as grabbing  a paper towel.  When my napkins for the table are gone, I plan to put some of these in my little square basket that I keep on the table.  My boys can toss them into my container when the poor little white cloths are done being abused from wiping dirty hands and faces. P.S. ~ Here’s a little video on this very subject that I saw just today… ]]>


  • Rebecca

    I love this Ms. Rhonda,
    We have been doing that for years.
    Something that has helped too is that Sarah just made an apron and Jordan is getting ready to make one and they where theirs and they wipe their hands on their apron.
    I know you have three little boys and Your husband would come after me if you put them in aprons….lol. But it might be an idea for you.
    I know I have been trying to win an apron of my own.
    I think I may have to resort to making my own also.

    I love the idea of aprons

  • Missy

    I have an apron I bought at a yardsale before I married, it is ugly with old-style clowns on it, but it has a towel sewn in one corner. That is the only reason I keep it. I will definitely have to put that one up on my website that I am making!

    • Rhonda

      I can’t remember where, but I once saw an apron like that with a towel on the side.

      Is the website you’re making for your cake business? Are you doing it on blogger or is it self-hosted?

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