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Leftover Grilled Mac-N-Cheese Sandwiches – Fast Fixin' Recipes

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Leftover macaroni and cheese (warmed in the microwave or skillet) Pepper Jack cheese slices (or your own favorite cheese) Bread slices Melted Butter mac-n-cheese-sandwich-ingredients.png

My Trick for Spreading Bread with Melted Butter

I use a leftover oblong butter container to melt butter in. (Mine is from Land O Lakes) I keep this stored in my fridge to bring out and toss into the microwave when I want to quickly make some grilled cheese sandwiches. how-to-spread-the-butter-easily.png And this is how we spread the butter, spread the butter, spread the butter …la la la la, la… spread-the-butter-on-the-break-trick.png Next, we toss it all in a pan to grill (I LOVE my skillet!)  And no, I’m not being a perfectionist ANYMORE! Just toss on the Mac any old way you like. 😉 toss-onthe-mac-n-cheese.png Top with some more bread and grill away! start-grilling.png Now say, “That was easy!”  And feed it to your munchkins 🙂  
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