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    Top Health Benefits for Lemon Balm

    *Purchases through links in this post may result in a commission for me. I LOVE to study health topics and also ENJOY using natural health remedies… and I LOVE to share this info with my readers. (*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed health practitioner. Before using any natural remedies, please do your own research.) The first thing that I’d like to discuss is that many people do not believe most natural remedies work.  A few reasons why natural remedies have earned a bad reputation is… (This is my own “opinion”) Natural remedies may initially take longer to work, but you should see a better benefit overall because most “medicines” only…

  • 14 Top Health Benefits of Mint #naturalhealthalternatives #mint
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    14 Top Health Benefits of Mint

    If you’ve ever chewed on freshly plucked mint leaves, then you probably realize that there aren’t many flavors quite as bold and refreshing as mint. God gave us so many little plants to enjoy — and what’s even better is that they can improve our lives health-wise. Science research has uncovered previously unknown facts about how mint leaves can help improve our health, so today I’ll share some of the top health benefits of mint leaves… 1. Mint Helps Limit Allergic Reactions Unfortunately, many people are affected by allergic reactions.  Many of these reactions are caused by sensitivity to pet wastes, dander, extremely small organisms like dust mites, and the list…

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    Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary – Learning about herbs

    *Disclaimer: My Amazon referral links have been used in this post. Rosemary has many health benefits for you — from healing skin conditions to improving your mental clarity. Not only does it provide vitamin C to help with collagen in your body, but also provides potassium that helps regulate blood pressure and your heart rate. People use Rosemary for numerous ways to help them heal the body. Here’s the Top 10 Benefits of Rosemary to Improve your Health: 1. Improve your mood 2. Decrease your stress levels 3. Helps with chronic anxiety 4. Relieve your pain 5. Protect your immune system 6. Soothe your stomach 7. Help relieve headaches and…