Top Health Benefits of Lemon Balm #herbs #mint #healtharticles

Top Health Benefits for Lemon Balm

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I LOVE to study health topics and also ENJOY using natural health remedies… and I LOVE to share this info with my readers. (*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed health practitioner. Before using any natural remedies, please do your own research.)

The first thing that I’d like to discuss is that many people do not believe most natural remedies work. 

5 Reasons Why Natural Remedies Have Earned a Bad Reputation #naturalremedies #herbs

A few reasons why natural remedies have earned a bad reputation is… (This is my own “opinion”)

    1. Natural remedies may initially take longer to work, but you should see a better benefit overall because most “medicines” only try to cover the symptoms. It can take a long-term commitment (consistent usage) of at least 3 months before seeing the best results.
    2. We all have a different body chemistry — so what works for one person may not work for you. If you are not at least seeing some improvement after a week or two, then it may be that particular remedy is not working for your body. Try another option if you can.
    3. Sometimes natural remedies are facing a losing battle because the issue has progressed too far in seriousness.  Natural remedies are often most beneficial when used early on or as preventive measures.
    4. The underlying cause needs to be addressed.  Many times people try to deal with the “symptoms” instead of looking for the root cause.  For example, liver issues can cause drying of your skin and itchy skin.  So, if you’re only treating dry skin with natural remedies, you may see improvement, but not overall healing BECAUSE you haven’t conquered the root of the problem.
    5. Using natural remedies the wrong way will more than likely not have good results. Seek out information on how others have successfully used the remedy for the SAME issue that you have. Again, our bodies are all different, but don’t sporadically use a natural remedy without research on the correct way to use it.
    6. Okay, I decided to add one more… One more reason why natural remedies have earned a bad reputation is because of misinformation on the internet. It gets to be real confusing who to believe and who not to believe. First, there are people making outrageous claims of having been cured instantly — this leaves most of us hanging in disbelief.  After all, natural remedies are not an instant miracle cure.  Other people are posting comments that it doesn’t work at all.  It’s been said that some medicinal companies have hired people to post such comments. (They don’t like natural remedies stealing their profits.) This is possibly true. I will not make definite claims on this since I haven’t done my own diligent research on that matter.

Top Health Benefits of Lemon Balm #herbs #mint #healtharticles

Health Benefits For Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is often confused with lemon or lemon oil; however, lemon balm is a member of the mint family. It is used for several natural remedies that you can make at home and store for later use. (Pinterest probably has a ton of ideas and recipes.)

If you aren’t sure how you can use lemon balm in your daily health routine or as part of your natural health care, I’ll be sharing a few ideas in this post.

*Keep in mind, lemon balm can be purchased in capsule form from most herb stores and online if you do have a hard time finding it in pure form. 

Regulates Blood Sugar

If blood sugar is an issue for you, you may already know about cinnamon being used as a method for regulating blood sugar. Unfortunately, cinnamon may be too harsh for certain people. Instead of throwing in the towel, consider using lemon balm.

Lemon balm can help with regulating and maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the day and especially during cold and flu season when your immune system may have a direct effect on the blood sugar levels of your body. It can also reduce insulin resistance levels as well.

Clears Toxins

If you’ve been sick recently, you may have noticed an issue with your stomach and digestive system. One of the ways you can help your body is by clearing toxins from your liver and out of your body. You can do this with lemon balm. Taken in a tea or pill form, you can introduce the herb orally to help it reach your liver. It will help push the toxins through your liver and help your liver maintain its function as well.

Boosts Your Immunity

Lemon balm can be used daily to help with boosting your immune system. Just add it to your juicing routine or to your smoothies for the day. This will give you an easy boost and help maintain your immune system throughout the year.

Has a Calming Affect. Good sleep aid.  

Feedback from users who drink Lemon Balm tea

Organic Lemon Balm Tea“For the first time in my life, my anxiety is gone”

“It’s just soothing to the nerves.”

“I stayed well when my visitors had winter colds.”

“Helps with healing, helps with calmness.”

“Bought lemon balm tea on advice from Dr Oz to help with sleep. Seemed to work.”

“Many functional endocrinologists recommend lemon balm tea for adrenal health.”

“I drink the tea an hour before bed and it actually does help me to fall asleep faster.” 

“It’s my sleeping pill and I love it.”

“This herb is proven clinically effective for speeding healing of cold sores and shingles.”

“Wow. the lemon balm tea is the only thing that has worked for me. I sleep very well without waking up in between to check the time.” 

> My personal note: Some commented they didn’t like the flavor, while others commented that they did love the flavor.  Apparently, steeping it a bit longer than other teas brings out a better flavor.  Adding a little honey or natural sweetener can also help. 

Other Uses

Lowers stress.

Relieves headaches. *Consider CAPSULE form for ease of use and portability.

lemon balm leaf caspulesRelieves indigestion, flatulence, bloating

Relieves anxiety.  Sipping on warm lemon balm tea can be relaxing.

Combating cold sores.  (Steep 2 to 4 tsp. of crushed leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Let steep for 10-15 minutes. After it’s cooled apply with cotton balls several times a day.  *Resource credit: 

Ward off mosquitoes – Infuse the plant leaves in oil.  Rub the oil on your skin in areas where your clothing will not be, as oil will stain clothing.

Cooking – Compliments chicken and fish. One lady adds the leaves to her lemon cake.  Add to homemade jellies, jams and fruit salads. Make lemon balm infused vinegar or honey.

If you grow your own lemon balm (it’s non-toxic for cats!), you can add the leaves to your favorite tea to add more flavor or dry the leaves to use during the winter, just steep them to make a warm tea.  Also add small leaves to your homemade salad dressing.

If you’re growing lemon balm and have plenty to use, try this recipe..

Lemon Balm and Cashew Pesto


Pregnant and nursing women should not take lemon balm. (Check on this info.)  It can cause side effects with certain medications and other herbs. Some have noted with hypothyroidism that it didn’t work well for them (See video below).  *Check this link for possible interactions with medicines here:

Growing Lemon Balm:

Gardeners have recommended growing lemon balm in containers.  It can become invasive and easily take over your garden; however, if you use proper maintenance, you can control this. It is in the mint family, so you can expect it this perennial plant to return the next year.

More Information on Lemon Balm:

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This VIDEO “Uses for Lemon Balm” was pretty informative:

Do you use or grow lemon balm?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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