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Are You a True Follower of Jesus?

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Key verse today is Matthew 4:19 KJV.

I was never the popular girl in school. I was quite bashful, and during my high school years I even struggled to look people directly in their eyes while conversing with them.

I secretly envied the popular girls, who seemed to have a great number of eager followers. Never did I consider what their character traits really were, all I knew is that people must really admire and like them.

Being popular isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some people just have this terrific, congenial, outgoing personality that draws in people by the numbers.

Then, there are those people, who are popular for other various reasons, such as their power, position or wealth.

Let’s think a moment about FOLLOWERS.

Followers may have different reasonings for why they follow the people that they do… Sometimes, it’s for the pure greediness of WHAT they can get by following or connecting with that person.

For the most part, many of us choose to follow people because we connect well with their personality.

How do we develop right motives for the people we follow?

We develop a kindred friendship and love for the people we closely follow by spending time with them and getting to know them well.

Hopefully, you also choose carefully with whom you develop close friendships. They should be people of good character. If you are a Christian, you and I are to develop our close friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ.

So who is the BEST person you can FOLLOW, who will NEVER let you down or disappoint you?

Let me say, without a doubt, that the BEST person in the world that you can follow is JESUS! You’re truly missing out if you do not develop a true following of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

COMMIT to reading the gospel books regularly so that you can grow more in LOVE with Jesus. To KNOW Him more is to LOVE Him more!

While Jesus was here on earth, though, he didn’t seek popularity. His goal was ALWAYS to glorify the Heavenly Father and point others to Him, and his mission was to die on the cross to redeem you and I of our sins, so that we could have life eternal in Heaven someday.

What is YOUR MISSION Statement today?

Your mission and mine is now to carry on Jesus’ SAME mission, while he was here on earth.

We’re to die to self and become fishers of men, sharing the gospel!

Matthew 4:19 says, “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Do you truly love Jesus? Are you a true follower of Jesus – and carrying on his mission by sharing the gospel message to others, so that they also know how to have eternal life in Heaven?

Here’s a few ideas to become a better witness for Jesus…

1. Spend time memorizing Bible verses about salvation so that we are prepared to share them.

2. Pass out more gospel tracts by handing them to others, leave one in a restroom or at the gas station, leave them with your tip while dining out, etc., 

Side note:  Here’s a wonderful resource to find tracts to share:

3. Pray for open opportunities to share the gospel. And don’t forget to support your missions program at church so that missionaries can go into other parts of the world to share the gospel where we are not able to go. (See Mark 6:15)

This is something that I want to work MORE on this year, and I hope I’ve encouraged you to do the same today.

Continue in faith,

by Rhonda White

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