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Even When My Faith is Small

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To be honest, there are times when it’s hard to keep your faith steady.  Our human nature kicks in because we don’t like to be presented with trials and uncertain circumstances.

The bigger the problem seems to be, my faith tends to get a bit shakier.  What we need to remember is that in God’s eyes,  the size of the problem doesn’t really matter.

No problem is too big that He can’t handle, nor any problem too small that He doesn’t care about if it concerns us.

The other day when I felt my faith get a little shaky, the Lord brought the song, “Trusting Jesus” to my mind…and placed the song in my heart.   I thought I would share the words with you today because sometimes when we’re singing it at church, we don’t always pay close attention to the words.  So today, read the words, paying close attention to their meaning.

Even when your faith is small, keep trusting Jesus!  Keep your eyes looking up to Him today!

Trusting Jesus

1) Simply trusting every day,
Trusting through a stormy way;
Even when my faith is small,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

Trusting as the moments fly,
Trusting as the days go by;
Trusting Him whate’er befall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

2) Brightly doth His Spirit shine
Into this poor heart of mine;
While He leads I cannot fall;
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

3) Singing if my way is clear,
Praying if the path be drear;
If in danger for Him call;
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

4) Trusting Him while life shall last,
Trusting Him till earth be past;
Till within the jasper wall,
Trusting Jesus, that is all.

[PDF Words and Music to Trusting Jesus]

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. ~ John 14:1

God bless you and your family,



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